Friday, April 02, 2004

Bad day today

Uhuh...what kinda a bad day I'm having today..
Not so bad tho..just bad..
anyways..early this morning..ive tripped but din manage to fall XD in front of the skool's gate. well..actually..i was too busy concerning about my bag dat bein embarassed. -.- dunno why....even wen my fren wans to make fun of me coz she saw it..i just givin her the big-question-mark-sign on my face.ehehe..'stoopid' na..demo..its okay ne!yuhu~~ (din kno why i got such reaction)
btw..ive been busy studying for tests n skool's stuff dat i dont hav time to online.I dont wan to online anyway.. physics' is a total nitemare to me!! >< damnit..

oh, goin out wit Neetu and Selvi tomoro.
And I think I'm goin to be busy writing letters to my pen pals as well.. Pen pal...
Arghh!!! I forgot to tell~~!!! I've received the Jpop magazine from Junko oneesan.The cover is Yamapi~!!!!!!Sugoi na~~~~~~~~~~!!
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