Friday, June 25, 2010

My days in Johor

Bismillahirrahman nir rahim~

Alhamdulillahirrabbil al'amin. All the thanks to Allah, for such opportunity He had given to me to stay in Johor for 10 weeks~ Peace be upon Rasulullah, the greatest love among us (human) of all.

Close eyes,open eyes (direct translation for: pejam celik pejam celik. haha!), it is already week 7 for me in Johor. I've been to places in Johor and even in Kuala Lumpur (KL).

There was once when I went to Pantai Penyabong in Mersing with my adopted sister, Kak Intan (she's the one I'm living with now). She had been telling me few times how the scenery and calm environment at the beach of Penyabong always calmed her. Indeed, by the time I got there.. the skies and the beaches caught my heart. There were many times as I floated myself on the water, my face facing the wide blue sky, I kept praising Allah for all that He had created to us,human. SubhanAllah! MashAllah! Alhamdulillah! Allahu Akhbar!! My heart was so full of LOVE, as if Allah was pouring all the love into my hearts, filling it as I hear the sound of the waves, I looked at the clouds and light in the sky.

I was thrilled for the second time as I was brought to Tanjung Piai in Pontian. This time, I was able to stay overnight in the chalet. Alhamdulillah. It wasn't money-wasting at all since it was all paid off at night. The scenery was such an eye-catching, breath-taking. As I stood in front of my room watching the sea at night, I could see the lights from Singapore port. It was spectacular especially by midnight. I even saw the silhouette of ships moving in the sea. Nice~~~~~~ :)
The food in Tanjung Piai was great as well. Not so great as in very very great but just okay. So, here's some photos I would like to share this time. I would add some next time when I fully get my free time. (I wonder when would that be!)

My first weeks in Johor..
Soto in Gerai Anuar in Taman Sri Skudai. Pretty much different than the Soto I had back in Sabah! hehe.

Stopping by at Simpang Renggam Stop (for highway). This picture was taken when we went to Benut.

My Industrial Training in Haikal Jurutera Perunding Sdn Bhd (HJPSB)
In the office.. it's quite a mess last time when I was given the task to do manual design for a cantilever beam. The client is JKR, huh~

Went to the site in Taman Anggerik and Sg. Rinting with Mr. Zulhaimi (who is the Resident Engineer for this project) :)

Vacations in Johor
The scenery of Pantai Penyabong. Imagine floating on the surface of the sea, while listening to the sound of waves and observing the sky.
Tanjung Piai.
My breakfast in Tanjung Piai. Mee Hong Kong.

Alhamdulillah. Thank You, Allah. If it wasn't Him giving me this chances, I would not be able to even feel or think what I've been through here in few days ago. THANK YOU,ALLAH!

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