Monday, May 26, 2008

my new ambition...

bismillahi rahman nir rahim...

ah,yes...wats my new ambition eah??

last nite i talk on d phone with a gud fren..he's bcome like my best fren too sumtimes...yeah,he is. let's jst kol him 'Abang'..hehe. bet most of my frens knows who he is esp. frens in hostel,op btw..wat abt him..urm..i usually called him up to ask abt things dat im not sure of or dun know wen it comes to religion (abt solat n lots mo..).n while talking last nite..i guess i realize there is sumting abt my own self dat i MUST BE AWARE of n if possible,CHANGE..

i suppose dats a gud thing abt having gud/best frens around u who werent afraid to tell u the truth abt urself even if its gonna hurt ur feeling (deep inside). BUT we hav to remind ourselves dat IT IS FOR OUR OWN GOOD.. so,get along with it and most importantly, take the good advice(s) and leave d bad ones (dat r meant solely just to hurt u.haha).

so,wat izzit abt myself dat i jst realize i hav to change?? well,a lot..i must say. hence,minna-san... *ehem* my new ambition will be TO BE A BETTER PERSON. *stops awhile* urm..come to tink abt i just writing/typing this all out to make myself feel better? maybe..wat r blog for anyway,right?hehe.

i might as well consider this entry as an introduction 'chapter' for myself...urm..whatever it is lah..

i dunno wat else i wanna write nemore... im jst praying to Allah s.w.t as for now to gimme strength n ppl/frens around me dat could help me to be a better person....... urm...let's jst see how it'll turn out sooner or later,i guess....


p.s: so hapy dat i manage to get a wireless connection ryt now. syukran ya Allah!!! yeay!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

something new... or maybe not...hehe


first of all..bismillahir rahman nir rahim...

after a year of abandoning this blog,this lil owner finally back to the surface.hehe. i was totally forgeting about the existing of this blog,seriously. until when i left some comment from a friend in his blog,then i eventually went to check my own profile in blogger. n *poof* my blog still exist! yippie..!

anyhows... time has passed by and i really have changed myself. yeah,true. back then, i din wear tudung (head scarf worn by Muslim women/girls). but now! I'm wearing it everytime i go out and for Allah,the al-mighty God of all..i have changed to be a better person.

i dont think i have much time to reflect and re-tell the stories or 'processes' of how I finally changed wat-so-ever.. I am still the same me though,dont get me wrong. I'm just changing to be a better person.hehe..that's all.

i'm in selvi's house at the moment and using her pc to connect to the internet. my gawd...ever since we've moved to the new house,there's no internet connection at all!! except since i got laptop after entering university (Yeah,i'm a Uni student be exact UMS student.yeay! n im taking Civil Engineering.wooohoo..!! Alhamdulillah!), I manage to online by using the prepaid internet's just the same with the usual fixed line internet connection. And slow.. =.= it pissed me off sometimes. Haha,but I'm contented~

ok,ok...done with it.. i'm off for now. I hope to get my laptop from its service center soon so that i'll be able to online at home~~weeehee...

Wasalam~~ Barakallahu fik~
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