Sunday, May 09, 2010

Raison D'etre

Bismillahirrahman nir rahim..

Alhamdulillahirrabbil alamin. All praises to Allah, all thanks to Allah.. salam and selawat to my beloved Rasulullah PBUH.

Right around 9 am this morning (9th May 2010), AK 5461 (if not mistaken) landed on the land of Johor. That I was in that flight. With the same level of hunger and excitement, I set my foot after a long time in the land of penisular Malaysia. I was totally thrilled.

aison d'etre (Reason for being)*
The very reason I'm here in Johor is because I'll be having my Industrial Training here, in one of the company in Taman Sri Skudai, Johor Baharu, Johor. A simple reason people will most thought of my reason for choosing to come here (in Johor) is simply; because I have a boyfriend here. D'oh, get over it already,people! I don't even thought of having a boyfriend in the sense of coupling, let alone having one.

I choose Johor because I know that I would be able to join more Islamic programmes. Yes, indeed. I wanted to be close to Allah, to those who loves Him, those who will remind me of Him. I knew Johor is one of the place I can choose for that reason because I have lots of friends,akhwat and ikhwah here.

It is also giving me such oppurtunity of going to places I never been to. But still, all this won't happen nor work if not for Allah's will to let me go through the path I've chosen.

Trouble is a friend**
I do had hard time before I can really finalised my flight to Johor. Guess what, I bought my ticket a day before I departed! Sugoi ja nai? Ha-ha.
My parents can't really let me go. I understood that since they never really let me nor any of my siblings (and niece + nephews) went as far as Beaufort or Tambunan (which is still within Sabah. go figure). I knew they love and care for me so much.
That is why I prayed to Allah that He will help me 'melt' their hearts and believe in me. Let me go, not just stopping me for silly reasons.
I couldn't thank Allah enough for listening to my prayers (my friends' as well. Thank you everyone!).
Even before I got problem with that, I was almost unable to get a place in the company I'm assigned to. Thank Allah for giving me instinct to ask one of my coursemate who happened to have trouble with his placement. Coz it made me wanted to check and reconfirmed my placement and it turned out my name wasn't sent to the company back then. After the first day of my examination, the company called and then I was confirmed to get my place in the company.

Arigatou, minna-san (Thank you,everyone)
My industrial training will be starting tomorrow. I hope it will go well.
But before that, I wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who gave and lend me strength when I was down, give me support when I needed one, and help me to the very moment regarding my comfort and living in Johor. THANK YOU. May Allah gives His blessings to all of you.

wallahu ahlam.

wasalam. 11:06 pm.
-going to sleep!-

note: * is a song by a J-rock band called Dir en Grey and ** is a song by Lenka.
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