Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Amount of Drafts is too ---- high!

Salam and greetings. 

I just finished a sharing post about a YouTube video. Then, I checked my blog posts list in which I finally saw this:

o.O Oh,my.. There's so many drafts ~o~ 

*speechless moment* 

*silently walking out of blog* ... Be back soon, I guess.

Understanding to focus

Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barokahtu,everyone~ Greetings :)

*Pop out* As usually, I wasn't really able to update my blog as frequent as I used to be. Especially since I'm busy with my tutoring work in uni. But whenever I had the inspirations and something to share, I will use all my might and willpower to post it and share it here. (^_^)

So, I have an interesting video that I really would love to share with everyone especially Muslim brothers and sisters. It is in Bahasa Malaysia though, and what makes it interesting is that it is about what we recite every 5 times a day in our shalat. 

As it shown in the video; Yes,indeed. We recite and perform our shalat every 5 times a day. But be honest, we do lose our focus once in a while ey? Why is that so? 
1) As usual, the satan/djin is doing his/their daily basis work of disturbing us every time we wanted to do any good deed(s).
2) We barely understand what we recite thus making us simply reciting it without knowing and understanding the proper meaning of what we've recited of. Thus, we lose focus easily.

That is where this video came in handy (I hope I said it right. ^^|| ). In this video, the meanings of our recitation will be shared and shown in a quite interesting as well as interactive way. It doesn't just use words but as well as drawings and colors. I am sure most of us likes to simplify our notes (during our studies) and whenever possible, make a mind-mapping or simple point-form notes. The simple form of notes made us understand and memorize easier,isn't it? Even with colors! I remembered a colorful inked pen's advertisement in television years ago that said colors made it easier for our brain to memorize things. So, what I wanna say here is that; these are what presented in the video and I am sure it can helps us to understand more and memorize more of what we recite in our daily prayer. Maybe if we always watch it like watching the same advertisement every time we watched television (until to the point, we know and memorize the whole scene of that advertisement), we could really memorize thus understanding our recitation in shalat. Well, that's just my suggestion ^_^v

So, here it is.. enjoy watching this video. Do share with your friends :)

P.s: Thank you, Kyo9 for your reminder previously. It made me remember to embed the video. :P Arigatou~

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