Tuesday, February 20, 2007


It's my birthday today!!

Frankly when I first wake up,I knew there's nothing much about it to be thrilled about though~ Coz as far as i'm concern..the only present i'll get from my parents is ang pao..unlike those damn brats who got handphones etc for their bdays.and even the amount in the ang pao given is so predictable.dats why i know there's nothing to be thrill about at all though,every year is the same damn thing. i even almost crying when driving to work as i thought of it.

But things kinda change though..aside of getting SMSes from friends,best friends and bf..i got wishes from my frens n boss at work as well.Elizabeth is the first to wish me at work,and she made everyone in Ttaeng knows abt it.To my surpise,Mr.Oh bought a small cake (just enough for all of us in Ttaeng) for my birthday! OMG~ where else can you get a nice boss like that eh? they're like a rare species,i tell ya.
Since the day i've been working in TTaeng..my emotions had been like a roller-coaster rides.so many experiences and i've met various kind of faces/personality/people.But it's was overall fun coz we're all (the employers and employees) are like family.We laughed and get mad together(usually get mad/angry together will be me and Eliz.eheh).and even play together.Mr. Oh likes to make fun and fool me and Eliz the most.maybe wen i got free time sooner or later then ima write about my frens at work ^_^

the restaurant im working at ^^

my working area..the cash register..the acc books..fax machine..telephone..

the kitchen area.see the blue sky colored tray by the end of the table? that's the area where me and eliz always hang out to chit-chat (and also preparing the side dishes for guests though)

gahh...im getting tired ordi.. it's late odi but i still havent take my bath.so,i'll post again next time!!

p.s: i'm obsess with Yamapi again!!

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