Wednesday, June 18, 2008

omedetto otanjaubi,itoko-chan~ (happy birthday,cousin)


actually..i dun really hav much things to say as much as i wanted to..but anyhoos.. i just wanna say n wished to my good friend/cousin:


called her last nyt (2 mins past midnite)..hehehe. thanks to the msg from someone, it mades me realize it already midnite and June 18th.Teehee... syukran to dat fren of mine.hehe.

arhh...i miss my besties (Adzai,Net & Selvi), my gudies[seriously,is der such words???!! wat i care..ahah!] (Masitha,Sabrina,Mitch @ Omboh, Feona etc), my frens in campus (reena,ina,deja,nana,za etc etc) n oso my biolological real sis (rohana). hope to see 'em soon~! :(

darn...been trying to upload pics here but i guess my internet connection of dial-up prepaid is not gud enuff(?). watever lahh.... malas sia mo layan.

im off!!

Allah yubarik fik~

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