Thursday, July 03, 2008 this time around of the semester...


Bismillahir rahman nir rahim...

its been some times since d last time i post any entry... been messed up with registration for the courses of the new sem..arranging the timetables,then re-arranging then re-arranging again...even preparing my stuffs to go back to campus. arrr... cant wait~

neways,this monday i went to UMS with Selvi n Neetu. invited Selvi coz im guessing maybe she can meet up with our ex-primary schoolmate,Azie (same hostel with me). and alhamdulillah, they did meet and can see how Selvi almost cry. too bad Azie has lots of works to do during the MSM (orientation) around this week~

i was supposed to meet with Fern (Jpnese clasmate) but too bad d maxis service was VERY bad dat day..huhu. din even hav d chance to meet her!!
n oso waited almost an hour for some1 who ended up have my besties to gang up with him n tease me.brrr... it was fun though (and I forgot to pay my debt to him then.Astaghfirullah..)

I didn't have anything else much to do during this week.. it's just dat i started to pack my stuffs n clothes.. manage to watch d whole drama of Bambino! starring Matsumoto Jun (and Kitamura Kazuki~)..watching 3rd season of CSI:NY (n having fun watching CSI: SUPREME SUNDAY.. oh! I missed watching TV now!!) and not forgetting too... teaching Aby how to solat individually. Hopefully she'll continue even when i'm back in campus.. InsyaAllah.

p.s: frustrated with blogger...cant upload my pic!! >.< im done.


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