Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sandakan Fieldtrip part 2

Bismillahirrahman nirrahim

Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for giving me yet another chance to live life in this world.

For the second day of our fieldtrip in Sandakan is mainly about our site visit to 2 on-going construction sites, the Sekolah Pertanian Lestari (SPL) of UMS campus and also the Maktab Rendah Sains MARA (MRSM). We started moving from the hotel to the sites around 9.00 am. Gather in the lobby first and as usual, there were lots and lots of photo taking session before we eventually went into the bus. =.= typical us..haha.

The first site visited was the SPL campus then only we went to MRSM site. Kinda hot but still it was experience plus knowledge gaining moments~ After that, we went straight to the main town. We got 1 hour to spend there to buy anything and eat. Mariani wanted to bring us to eat the best coto in Sandakan. But unfortunately it was finished (according to Mar, it usually sold out by afternoon). We then went to another coto food shop. Kinda okay but still not the very best. Huhu. Still, I'm very grateful. :)

Around 2 pm we were required back to the bus. The bus moved after we have confirmed that everyone were there. But as the bus moved, we realized that Tony and Nelly were left behind. So, the bus that I followed turned back and waited awhile for them. It was quite hilarious though. Finally, as everyone were really confirmed to be on board.. the bus moved again. This time, unlike the second bus, our bus brought us to Mar's house.

In Mar's house.. I love her house!! Her family were warm-hearted people as well. :) They have prepared almost everything to welcome us, including karaoke set! >.<;; Most of us just sit back and relax while eating and watching come of us karaoke-ing. Karaoke-ing is so not my thing anyway.

Around 3.30 pm like that we went back to the hotel. Some of us will be preparing for tonight's dinner at the Ocean Steamboat restaurant. Me and my room mates are not going so we'll be just in our room, relaxing, buy kfc then eat together in our room and then watch tv. Me and Ema stuck with our laptops while Ina and Lijah sometimes watch tv..sometimes not (reading..sleeping..) but I guess it's time to sleep for them now.Hehe.

Same goes with me, so I'm stopping here. Yay!

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