Thursday, March 18, 2004


If guys always complain why girls are complicated...
Now I should complain why guys are complicated as well!
*sigh* That's it???
A-re...Kyo said they may moved fast time slip by... that also reminds me... skool's goin to be re-open next week..n my damn notes are not written yet.
I am stil wondering if I've offend him~~ (not other good friend,that's it). Did I say anything wrong eventually?'s true that I don't mind if he's not giving me his pic like he had promised.Fine...I admit that I'm mad as well.. but since.. ... we're only friends(like what he said to me),I know who I am.. and how "unspecial" I am as a good friend~~ heck...
*sighed* Now I guess I should realize that I'm not good with guys... T.T no wonders I haven't got any boyfriend until now... blah..

*turn* YamaPi!!!!!

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