Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Suki da~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wahhh...today got no skool but I'm still pretty busy today~
I hav tuitions today but between that two tuitions,i still manage to go to
my twin's house.wahahha~~ *hugs ezumi* I like your room so much!!!
Suki da ne~~~ ^^
Maa,I go there with Chi and Hana.Wahhhh..the Sanzo ikko~!
I remember wen we all first gathered as one..me as gojyo(-.- i just like his hair),ezumi as sanzo,hana as hakkai n chi as goku. ^____^
it was 2 years ago but still fresh in my head~~
well,before going to ezumi's house,we spend some of our time in the supermarket. (supermarket?!).
there's an arcade on the upper level of the building..heheh.i enjoyed playing those games with my friends. i like to play dat robotic game a lot!!!
Ive become addicted to it!!! It's hard to control but still fun!!!!
Ahaha....my sis got no sense of direction at all wen it comes to the 'far-from-the-city' area like in the town where ezumi live. =.= she rather takes the long road than the shorter one coz she dont want to lost!
Well,I think I should go to have my dinner now.I got to study for Bio test tomoro.Oh,ya....i forgot to type here...i almost wake up late today thanks to
Kyo..I go to bed at 1 am last nite!! I was about to go offline but then he asked
me to help me to sign up for a hotmail account. -.-
what a neko of mine...arh..i suppose he's in his flight now..is he? i dont know!
Stand Up!!!!

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