Friday, March 26, 2004


Well...I've made another new quiz! Yay~~
So many good stuff happen today~ well,there's some not-good stuff happen as well tho.
Anyways,me and Hana are preparing for the Science and Maths week in our school next week.We're going to show people(in the assembly) about chemistry. I'm sure many people will be like.. oO "How is that possible?!!" ...ahah!something like that~!
btw,in physics' period class today,my class got group is the last one.and guess wat..just because she wants to finished the powerpoint for the presentation of our group..Chi didnt go to sleep at all last nite..
kawaiisou! *gives chi an ice cream* :3 anyways,it's all been paid for her hardworks because the teacher said our group is the best one! ^.-
go Le Ciel girls!!! *cheers* Ahahah~~ One of my good friend in class,Omboh always called me,hana,chi,ruru n ezumi (oh,including yaone as well) as the Japanese Group.ahahh~~bah! is my quiz result of my own quiz!wahhaha!! I got myself!!

You're Hyde or Akki.The sleeping leader neko..
You're so hyper and you like to tease almost
everyone.You're annoying as well..still that's
what you are!! ^.- Go you!

Which Dobutsuen weird creatures are you? (sorry no pic yet~)
brought to you by Quizilla

Go me!!!!

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