Monday, March 22, 2004


Since it's the nation polling's day many ppl din go to school today.
even Hana n Yaone. *kicks them*
Hana sed she wake up late again..
And Yaone is sick... =.= she made me do her work in Bahasa Malaysia class.
Oh..talking about class!
I keep on falling asleep in Bio class.Dunno why...and everytime my head is on
the table..Chi's hands will "hit" the table... and dats annoy me!!
*receive present from Kyo* Weehhh...nice ne~~
Btw...tomoro Sabah got one-day holidays! So...NO SKOOL TOMORO!!
But my schedule is still full for tomoro.. @.@
Morning: Add.Maths tuition..
Morning to afternoon: Going to Ezumi's house with the others..
Afternoon til evening: Physics' tuition
Nite: Study for Bio and English test the following day.....

*fall* waghhhhhhh!!
Stand up!!!

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