Saturday, November 29, 2008

reverted (and back after 2 hours...)

Bismillahirrahman nir rahim..

Ya Allah... dunno wat ive actually done to my bloggy. Nyahaha~~

almost hancur by me just now. Alhamdulillah,its back. but reverted to the usual blogger template yg saaaaaaangat skema. adoi. bersyukur sajalah since segala links masih ada. (itu yg penting). tapi pocoyo kat tepi tu da 'melarikan diri' & hilang da pulakk... :(



ALHAMDULILLAH!!! ALL PRAISES TO ALLAH~ i finally manage to get a new template (I've always wanted a 3-column template) and edited it.hehe. Hope to make it better next time. getting late..time to sleep!


entry was edited at 12:28 am :)

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