Sunday, November 30, 2008

ubah lagi... but nevermind!

Bismillahir rahman nir rahim..

First of all,thx to Afiq for re-checking my blog's template and let me know some parts dat r not okay :) glad to have friends reminding me.

Anyways, i got Nyoba template for my blog finally. Got me headache again but it's alright. It's all plain white (sucinya.....warna). Hope it'll last (with me).hehe.

To all readers and friends.. please comment if the layout has something dull or wrong or just plain not-good on it. Let me know ya! Thanks a lot..!!

Bah..time to have my branch. Allahu akhbar,got my headache due to gastric as well now,I suppose.

bergerak ke dapur....

p.s: dun just in d mood of using english..hehehe!!

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