Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Doubt and Trust

Most of the times
It feels as if it's much more easier
To doubt a person than to trust one

Once trust is built
It has brought the biggest hope and bond
between the persons involved

Mind you that trust is actually..
Ever so fragile that
Once broken, it'll be hard to ever be sealed again

Even if it was sealed and mend
The doubt will always be like the minute dust
Bit by bit plastering on the fragile trust
And the trust will never be the same anymore

~Rosdianah R~ 03 Feb 2010, 3:57pm
~*~*~Exactly done when the adhan (azan) was heard on air of College E ~*~*~

special note for the special someone: It may be hard for you,my dear. But we will always be by your side. Holding your trust ever so dearly and giving out all of our gathered trust to ALLAH the AL-MIGHTY.

p.s: The title the same title with my current favourite anime song, the 3rd Opening theme of D-Gray Man, Doubt and Trust by the band 'access'.


E-man said...

kepada siapakh madah ini ditujukan...
macam org tu prejudis pula

Deana said...


napa kata prejudis?
sbnrnya dlm sajak ni jst nak kata yg kepercayaan (trust) kpd seseorg tu bkn sng nak dpt mahupun beri pd sesapa.. jd once org da percaya kt kita, jgnlah kita hancurkn kepercayaan org tu..

nti jd cerita cam budak yg suka menipu.. bila da blk2 org kg. kna tipu, bila dia berckp benar pn org da xnak percaya~

Kiryuu said...

huhu... dia ndak baca habis ni, baca tajuk syak.. :p
"PS" tu nanti kak ros bagi terang teee~~~rang.. baru dinampak.. hehe.. ;p

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