Tuesday, December 02, 2008

some pics... to share :)

Bismillahirrahman nir rahim...
buang tabiat skeet :D da dasar sy ni minta fotografi.nak share la sket 2 gmbr kt bwh nie.
gmbr2 saudara kita di palestin. :)

A Palestinian man greets relatives in the West Bank city of Qalqilia, after being released from 12 years in Israeli prison. (Khaleel Reash, Maan Images)

Palestinian children play in the narrow streets of the Shati refugee camp in Gaza City. (Maan Images)
a couple of pics should be enough for now. I'm just testing to online using my sis' Celcom broadband on my internet-less desktop XD

please check this website for more... IMEU (Institute for Middle East Understanding)

da mlm... nak tido~~~ ZZZZzzzzz
p.s: mm..da masuk cuti ni,mcm kwn dr iluvislam.com sy kata,"cuti2 ni ternak lemak jer kat umah" (something like dat).hehe...bergantung jugak kot apa yg kita isikan dgn masa cuti kita :)

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