Wednesday, July 09, 2008

back to campus!!!!

Bismillahir rahman nir rahim...

yeay,its been abt 3 days ordi dat im back in UMS~~ weeeeeeeeeeeheeeeee.. (dunno why so excited diz). got into new house and new room... it was actually just right to my last session's house XD unlike wat ive predicted (as senior), i got d lower bed. yippie~just like last sem! n my desk/locker is just right next to my bed, so it's really easy for me to move around n most importantly, solat. fun fact of d moment : i'm d only muslim in my room :) but d other girl's r quite considerable. Alhamdulillah... two 2nd yr seniors n two 1st yr juniors.. d other senior is a friend during orientation last session. so,fortunately easy for me to get along with her. as for d juniors, both in same course (food tech) n Chinese. Alhamdulillah, i oso manage to get along with them. mondai ja arimasen :)

neways, jst in dat short period of days..many things had happened.huhu! yday (tue, 8th July) was quite an eventful day for me. yeapz,it is!
1st class of Applied Mechanics (AM) started yday n with mixed feelings of joy,stress,messed,responsiblity n scared..I became d civil's representative diz sem for diz class. how to say eah... not dat i dun wan to become leader.. i wanted to! deep in my heart,yes. but some part of me dat always get to my nerves will always be d feeling of "scared of rejection" or some sort like dat (yang sewaktu dengannya lah..). serious!! >_< i was scared dat i wont be able to fulfill d responsiblity too..Ya Allah, la haula wa la quwatta illa billah~!
but in d end of d day,Alhamdulillah.. i've chose to believe n try to be more responsible n oso... learn how to manage things around so dat i wont messed myself up (at all).

i wanted to join Reena n Qiqie to KK but since i got night class of Seni Peribumi Borneo(SPB), i wasnt able to. uhuh..right before goin to SPB class, i did talked with my roomate (d senior) n she told me she took Karya Agung Shakespeare (of d same code/part of PPIB with SPB). its very easy,she said. n oso not stressful. so,on d way to class in SPS (art school) i kept on thinking to change d subject from SPB to shakespeare. I keep praying to Allah to show me which best for me coz He knows best. guess wat happened? i was chosen by Prof to become d class representative (our class for diz sem is very small.. supposely only 40 something students reg but only 24 showed up last nyt). there goes my plan of trying to drop d subject n take shakespeare..huhu. but i think it must be from Allah for i was chosen means i hav to stay. Alhamdulillah.. Allahu Akhbar!

n again... this morning class is Thermodynamics.huhu..once again, me as representative. Pray for me to be able to handle d responsiblity n time management n all~~~ hahahaha~~~

aite,time to go.. wanna go to photocopy d notes of AM 1st lect yday. time to work..time to work!!


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