Friday, July 11, 2008

today ish.....

Bismillahir rahman nir rahim..

actuallyyyyyy............ i dun really hav anything much to type here..just finish our 1st Lvl 3 Japanese class earlier (than we're supposed to,according to d schedule.hehe)

today wen to SKTM for Statistics class but no lecturer,ending up everyone went back/ go to wherever they wanna go XD i went back to hostel to get d Applied Mechanics notes for some coursemates dat havent got it yday :) in d same time sms-ing with Hyrul since he asked me about some mandarin phases to include in his speech. Aiya..biasalah YDP..kena beri ucapan punya..hehe.orang penting tu...

today,i woke up earlier than usual..1 hour than usual,to be exact.woke up at 5 am,sat on my chair in front of my desk..then suddenly heard some1's voice like reading out Surah from d holy Quran. I thot some1 was reading it in d surau.. alih-alih,after bath then i realize it was d solat subuh. it was d imam's voice.

alas,bad things did happened to me this morning...starting off with me honked by d bus driver. wargh!! not my fault!! i cant see d bus bah...coz another BIG bus was blocking my view.d hostel area is so small bah...wat u expect?!! but i dont dare to argue with d campus bus driver lahh... some of them r kinda brutal XD hahah!
then then... i dropped my N73 on d ground...huhu,Alhamdulillah..still ok.thx 2 d outer plastic casing my N73 ish protected.hehe. Alhamdulillah..

met Hyrul in SKTM. kasian ni budak... heard from him n Qiqie(who was in d same bus with him earlier) about him dropped by d bus driver at hostel AB instead of SKTM.then he had to walk to SKTM (aiya...not far worries.but he's ody so skinny.hehe. Hyrul jan marah~! :P ) he went to meet his supervisor for his fyp n i wantd to meet my lecturer(s) too but i end up meeting none of them.haha.

yeay, d pics dat ive wanted to see since holidays.hehe. *happy*

*pause* time to solat first. be back with some story i typed in my hp later...

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