Thursday, July 10, 2008


Bismillahirrahman nir rahim...

wuinah..really tired and hot now.huhu. nvm, least still can be alive. Alhamdulillah.. got lots of things to do and settle. Alhamdulillah manage to finish about half of my tasks(so far..).

good thing about this would be that if it continues to be like this at least til the half of the sem,i might lose some weight. nyak nyak nyak..
not only dat,d busy-ness dat im havin just might be something Allah gave me to make me forget any bad things happening around. i shouldn't put "bad", i mean things dat might just made me sad,frustrated or stress(e.g: registration in d smp...). Alhamdulillah.

"Fa inna ma'al usriyus rho" (94:5) which means 'maka,dalam kesulitan itu ada kemudahan' (in every difficulty,there will be blessing/something good).
Dat is d phase dat i treasure a lot from d holy Quran.Because I know no matter how stressful or messed up d situation im in..Allah will always be there,for me..for everyone.I just have to pray for Him,zikr(remember Him) and do the right things all for Allah.

*stops for solat Zuhur*

Allahu akhbar.

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